Evil Plan Revealed using Google Authorship


If you are not signed up for Google Authorship then all your blog post are useless. Well, maybe not the blog post but you are useless….google authorship


Unless you are enrolled in Goolge Authorship then your not viewed as the creator of your original content. This makes is easy for someone to swipe your content and repurpose it and go unpunished.

Evil Right?

Google Authorship stops this from happening without consequences.

In recent times Google has been taking massive action against the way Google ranks content. Traditionally Google would use the authority and back links of high profile sites.

That worked great until it became easy to craft and bend the rules to get crappy content ranked quickly. As with all things, someone found a loophole in the Google Algorithm and started building systems and software that created low quality back links to sites. Thus allowing for content that offered little value to end up at the top mixed in with the quality content. Google caught onto this.

Google has now created a ranking algorithm tied to WHO publishes the web pages!!

Now, Google is able to rank your web page based on your authority in a niche.

Google authorship puts a Identity with every website


If your a vegan blogging on all the benefits of your lifestyle and you have developed a good following and created a good reputation. Google wants you on top of the ranks for “vegan meatloaf” not a crappy page built on back links that is covered in ads.

For the record, Google isn’t going to be dismissing all back links or SEO. Im not saying that, but there is a shift to how Google is looking at your content.

You want to make sure your content leads with value, solves problems people are looking for and sees YOU as the Author……

Thats right….if your not signed up on google authorship then ALLLLLL your blog post are not seen in Google eyes are being YOUR content.

Google Authorship allows Google to tie your content to you. Google wants to have quality content when you sit down to find solutions on the web. They want people they know, like , and trust.

Google Authorship

I am going to show you how easy it is to sign up on google authorship and ensure you start getting the credit for your blog post. When your done going through these steps, notice that when your page is ranked it now has your picture by it. This is called a RICH SNIPPET (increased clicks by 150% in one study) you want to stop what your doing and follow these steps NOW!

How to get setup on Google Authorship:

1. Setup a Google + profile (you should already have this done)

2. Completely Fill out all of the details (google is king, give him everything lol)

3. Fill out information on About Page

4. Add your websites to “contributor to” and “Links”

5. Connect your social media under the “other profiles”

Bonus tips:

Let Google see everything going on in your site. If you haven’t already done so….

Install Google Analytics and webmaster tools.

use this link to confirm that you followed the steps correctly and Google Sees your as the Author


Add a Text HTML widget to your side bar, this creates a back link to your Google + profile and connects your content

Create a link to your Google+ profile from your webpage, like this:   <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Change out the profile and author labels to your personal info, Example:   

<a href=”https://plus.google.com/u/0/104405698824928122566/posts ?rel=Brandon”>Google</a>

Confirm everything with Google here:


Moving forward with Google Authorship

All you need to do now is to continue to write relevant, valuable content. Google is going to start seeing your stuff as worthy for rankings. This might take time if your new and if you’ve you have been online for awhile then it will help boost you up even higher and stay there.

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